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Our Achievements

For more than twenty years,

CHC has led efforts to eliminate disparities in health by expanding coverage, increasing access to healthcare, and improving the environment in areas with inadequate resources for healthy living.

In 2014, through our partnership with community leaders and residents, we made it easier for our families to eat healthier through greater access to better food options. We empowered community members to teach physical activity classes. We launched a successful public awareness campaign to promote hypertension awareness to reduce heart disease and chronic conditions. We got the Los Angeles City Planning Commission to take the extraordinary step of approving its first general plan health element.

Our coalitions bring together more than 1500 consumers, healthcare providers, decision makers and business leaders to find solutions to some of the most difficult challenges facing the nation’s health.

We advocated for $100 million in funding for healthcare in South Los Angeles after closure of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital.

We established one of the strongest regulations on urban oil drilling in the country for the Baldwin Hills oil fields.

We leveraged existing financial incentives to attract healthy food retailers to South LA and helped develop California FreshWorks, a $200 million fund for the development of grocery stores in food deserts.

We worked with local elected officials and the City of Los Angeles Planning Department to amend the City’s General Plan and regulate the density of new stand-alone fast food restaurants in South LA. The amendment was the first of its kind in the country.

Community Assessments

  • We produced the first ever report card on the quality of care provided by health plans in the Medi-Cal program;
  • one of the first and most comprehensive community needs assessment for stakeholders in Long Beach and South LA;
  • nationally recognized assessments of the food and physical activity resources in South Los Angeles;
  • and the “South LA Health Equity Scorecard” that linked public policy to inequities in the healthcare and built environment in LA County. 

Community  Engagement
CHC lifts up and advances the voice and leadership of impacted communities, guiding campaigns that engage thousands of residents in communities across the County. 

  • CHC has galvanized communities to continue access to services at 24 hospitals;
  • preserve critical health resources such as the Daniel Freeman Fitness Center in Inglewood;
  • improve the quality of food in local grocery stores through the Neighborhood Food Watch;
  • and protect the health and environment of residents surrounding the Baldwin Hills oil field through the formation of the Greater Baldwin Hills Alliance.

Reducing the Number of Uninsured
CHC continues to advocate for the right to healthcare. 

  • The organization played a pivotal role in designing and implementing the consumer outreach and education program under Medi-Cal Managed Care and in developing and implementing Healthy Families and Healthy Kids in California and Los Angeles County.
  • As a result of CHC’s advocacy efforts, default enrollment in Los Angeles’ mandated Medi-Cal managed care program was halted pending the creation of a comprehensive community outreach and education plan that still stands today.
  • CHC worked with the state to recruit and train the first community outreach and enrollment organizations for the Healthy Families and Medi-Cal program and establish standards and guidelines for services across the state.
  • CHC has helped more than 25,000 children and families enroll in healthcare coverage over the last decade through its ABC (Accessing Benefits for Children) project, one of the first community-based outreach projects in California.

Increasing Access to Healthcare
South Los Angeles has a fraction of the physicians, hospital beds, and preventive facilities per capita available elsewhere in Los Angeles. 

  1. CHC has worked with the Attorney General to preserve access to healthcare following the sale of non-profit to for-profit hospitals. 
  2. CHC was instrumental in securing more than $40 million in funding for clinics in under-resourced communities;
  3. developing agreements between community clinics and LAUSD for the establishment of school-based clinics;
  4. and preserving more than $100 million for specialty care, urgent care and hospital care following the closure of Martin Luther King Hospital.

Improving Access to Fresh Food
Racial and ethnic communities across the country suffer disproportionately from heart disease and diabetes and have fewer healthy full-service grocery stores. 

  • CHC worked with local elected officials and city agencies to leverage several existing financial incentives and attract healthy food retailers to South LA. 
  • More than six new grocery stores have opened in South LA since 2002.
  • Working in collaboration with The California Endowment and a broad coalition of stakeholders, CHC was instrumental in developing the California FreshWorks, a $200 million fund for the development of grocery stores in food deserts.