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Plans Emerge for Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Redevelopment

Posted by Robert Baird, Food Systems & Land Use Policy Analyst on February 24th, 2015
Photo Credit: Capri Capital Partners and RAW International

The owners of Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza have submitted preliminary details to the City Planning Department for a large-scale redevelopment that would replace the site’s surface parking and peripheral commercial buildings with 2 million square feet of new building space.  The plan includes an outdoor retail village containing shops, restaurants and a bowling alley near the Crenshaw/Stocker intersection.  A 14-story office tower is proposed near the Crenshaw/39th Street intersection and a 12-story, 400-room hotel is proposed near the Stocker/Santa Rosalia intersection.  The plan’s housing component includes a 7-story complex adjacent to the Macy’s structure north of MLK Boulevard and another 5-story complex located near the Marlton/Santa Rosalia intersection, totaling 961 apartment and condominium units.  The existing grocery space occupied by Albertsons would be replaced with a new, potentially larger space at the Marlton/MLK Boulevard intersection, though it’s unclear if Albertsons will remain as the operator following the redevelopment.  Although new structures will replace much of the site’s existing parking, proposed parking facilities internal to the site will account for 7,000 spaces.  Portals to the MLK subway station would be incorporated into the site once the Metro Crenshaw line opens in 2019.  

Comments on Baldwin Hill Crenshaw Plaza Master Plan Project Draft Environmental Impact Report
The comments in this letter detail the areas in which Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) fails to meet required standards as established by California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and its enforceable agencies.

Capri Capital Partners, which renovated the current mall structure in 2011, hopes to complete the project in phases by 2020.  A series of city approvals will likely be needed before the project is fully permitted, which may include a height district change, conditional use permits, zoning amendments, transit-related reductions in parking requirements and a development agreement.  The proposal comes on the heels of a new Kaiser Permanente outpatient facility at Marlton Square and the District Square retail complex at the Crenshaw/Exposition intersection, which are scheduled for construction in the next few years.  It also aligns with regional policy goals to focus housing and commercial development along emerging transit corridors, and to bring new retail amenities and services to underserved communities.  However, redevelopment proposals often raise local concerns on issues of housing affordability, neighborhood character and contesting views of what is community-serving.  A site plan and renderings can be viewed at the Building Los Angeles blog.  The project’s Draft Environment Impact Report (DEIR) can be viewed on the City Planning Department website