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Edible Parkway Draft Ordinance Language Makes It to Committee

Posted by Hector Gutierrez, Food Systems & Urban Agriculture Policy Analyst on February 18th, 2015

Ron's Parkway Garden Recap: October, 2010

Photo credit: flickr user LAGreenGrounds (CC BY 2.0)

On Wednesday, February 4th the Public Works and Gang Reduction committee was supposed to hear draft ordinance language to allow the growing of edible plants on public parkways. Parkways are the area between the sidewalk and the curb. It is public property and, with the exception of the City street trees, it is the responsibility of homeowners to maintain. 

The committee instead delayed hearing on the item until a future meeting (to be determined) to gather more information from the City Attorneys Office on liability issues.

Under the new draft ordinance language, property owners will not be required to obtain a permit to plant for areas zoned for residential use. Owners will be able to remove existing shrubs and plants, but not trees, and replace the shrubs and plants with landscaping, including edible plant materials, in the owner’s parkway. All plants must comply with the Residential Parkways Landscaping Guidelines adopted by the Department of Public Works. The guidelines document primarily apply to parkway areas found on streets servicing single family homes and/or low density multi-family residential housing.

The adoption of these guidelines will identify the types of landscaping, including edible plants materials that will be planted without a permit, as well as planting, siting and maintenance requirements for landscaping. For more information, please see the Edible Parkway Council File: 13-0478 or contact Community Health Councils’ Policy Analyst, Hector Gutierrez at hector@chc-inc.org.