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Our Community Plan: An Online Toolkit

What is the Community Plan?

There are 35 Community Plans as a part of the City of Los Angeles's overall General Plan. The Community Plans act as blueprints for guiding growth and development. They reflect the communities' desires for their neighborhoods, establish building design standards and designate land for the range of uses needed in a community, including housing, jobs, transportation, and amenities. 

The plans tell developers and homeowners what type of development will be permitted and the densities and intensities of that development along with infrastructure, and the services and facilities needed to accommodate planned growth. They are also used by decision-makers to make decisions about land use when property owners seek relief from existing regulations in order to develop property.  For this reason, they are an important tool in the development of the City, and they need to be kept up-to-date and systematically revised.

Why should I get involved?

Community Plans must be current in order to: encourage wise growth; identify appropriate locations for new development; assess public infrastructure, service and facility needs; minimize lengthy discretionary approvals; and provide certainty and predictability for developers, homeowners and anyone else concerned with the future development of Los Angeles. 

Continuous maintenance of the Community Plans will provide City departments, elected officials, developers, business owners, and homeowners with an accurate guide to future development.  The purpose of this program is to establish an ongoing method to revise community plans with citizen input in order to address prevailing neighborhood and community issues.  Recommended changes to Community Plans and their policies and programs are based on public input and collaboration with other City departments and the governmental agencies that provide public services and facilities. Community input throughout the process is key to a successful and effective plan for every neighborhood.


Below are the proposed Community Plans for South and Southeast Los Angeles. They are currently in draft form as the city gathers input from community residents. The fact sheet and glossary clarify terms and concepts contained in the draft Community Plans.

Draft Community Plan: Southeast LA
This Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) is in the draft stage and currently open for public comment (proposed by the Department of City Planning).

Draft Community Plan: South LA
This Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) is in the draft stage and currently open for public comment (proposed by the Department of City Planning).

Urban Planning Terms
Urban planning language can be technical. This fact sheet was created to “break down” some common planning concepts.

CPIO District Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides information on the Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) Districts.

Community Guide for Effective Participation in the Planning Process