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LA Access

LA Access to Health Coverage Coalition was established in 2002 to promote the simplification of community-based outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization (OERU) services and activities in Los Angeles County. Today the Coalition represents a broad cross-section of more than 40 community-based organizations, insurers, healthcare providers and public agencies committed to improving the quality of OERU services and bridging the divide between millions of uninsured county residents and quality healthcare coverage. 

The Coalition has facilitated communication between state regulatory and administrative agencies; connected community-based organizations and clinics with local, state and federal decision-makers; and coordinated local press conferences on the state budget. The Coalition has helped close the information gap between community stakeholders and policymakers and provided a conduit for informing and shaping outreach and enrollment policy and systems. Examples of this include:

  • Developing the LA County CHOI database to document and track contract OERU services by member organizations
  • Creating and adopting performance standards for outreach workers
  • Developing protocols to streamline the verification process of Citizenship Documents by Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Reviewing and commenting on state and county welfare agency correspondence to families
  • Organizing regional trainings for Certified Application Assistants (CAAs) on changes in program requirements, forms and program availability in coordination with DPSS, the CHI Program Integration workgroup and the training organizations. 
Each member organization touches the lives of thousands of families annually and the Coalition acts as a conduit for information to and from communities with historically uninsured and under-insured residents. Community Health Councils acts as the lead agency in coordinating Coalition activities.

Coalition Meetings
Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of odd-numbered months (January, March, May, July, September, November).

To learn more or to become a member,  please contact Luis Gonzalez, Community Liaison for LA Access or download the LA Access to Health Coverage Fact Sheet & Membership Form.

Bridging the Health Divide: California's Certified Application Assistants More than 20,000 individuals in California are trained as “Certified Application Assistants” to help families enroll in and maintain their public healthcare coverage. While the profession has grown and evolved through the years, very little is known about this dynamic workforce that bridges children and families to healthcare coverage and services.

Bridging the Health Divide: LA Access Case Study The LA Access to Health Coverage Coalition was established in 2002 to increase access to quality, affordable health insurance programs for low-income individuals in Los Angeles County. This report examines how Coalition agencies have adopted Outreach, Enrollment, Retention and Utilization strategies to enroll children into public insurance programs. It focuses on the unique approaches Coalition members have adopted to reach uninsured, eligible children and families.

Standard & Guidelines for Outreach, Enrollment Retention & Utilization describe standards for organizations to adopt to provide the highly specialized services to maximize access to quality and affordable healthcare coverage. The Standards and Guidelines outline comprehensive operational procedures to help guide CAAs when conducting OERU activities. Organizations can use the Standards and Guidelines to assess, enhance, and/or establish operational procedures and expectations for CAAs.