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Coalition for Health & Justice, meetings discontinued as of Dec. 2012
(Coalition currently inactive)

The Coalition for Health & Justice was founded in 2004 to ensure access to quality healthcare for underserved residents of South Los Angeles. The Coalition has testified and presented policy recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, organized postcard drives and special events in support of Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital, and convened stakeholder meetings with community groups. The CHJ was successful in getting the county health department to translate flyers about where to access emergency care into additional languages after King Drew's emergency room closure.

CHJ's mission is to improve health and access to quality healthcare in South Los Angeles by strengthening public policy, accountability and partnerships with government and private institutions through community engagement.

More than 30 community-based, government, provider and faith-based organizations and individuals participate in the Coalition. Members meet bi-monthly to obtain information on health services and resources, guide the development of health equity for South Los Angeles and develop action on important needs.

Past Projects
The South Los Angeles Health Equity Scorecard assesses and compares indicators of health in South LA with West LA and LA County overall. Data has been gathered and scored for environment, health prevention and utilization, insurance and health system capacity. Policy recommendations were developed through a stakeholder summit. The CHJ is using the data to engage the community in advocating for change through action campaigns.

The South Los Angeles Health Home Campaign encourages all residents to establish a health home. A health home or medical home provides full primary care services for children and adults in a setting that encourages partnerships between patients, their personal physicians and providers and, when appropriate, the patient's family. As part of the Health Home Campaign, free and low-cost care is available at three community health centers in South Los Angeles. Call 323.295.5500 or any of the clinics listed in the brochure for more information. English brochure. El folleto en Español.

Other active projects include—

  • A Community Resource Guide for South Los Angeles neighborhoods
  • Town Hall meetings to educate the community on health and keep residents current on issues affecting socio-economic and socio-ecological conditions and the health of South Los Angeles.

For more information on CHJ, contact Sadio Woods, Community Liaison, at 323.295.9372 x219 or via e-mail Sadio Woods