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South LA Healthcare Leadership Roundtable

In late 2008, CHC convened a Roundtable of executives from South LA clinics and hospitals, physician networks and health policy groups to develop short- and long-term initiatives to create an integrated system of healthcare for South LA. The Roundtable grew from a collaborative effort on SB 474, the South LA preservation fund, which funded a $5 million clinic-hospital partnership by the county and demonstrated the benefits of working together from a regional perspective.  The Roundtable is a means for thinking proactively about the pressures on the healthcare system. 

The Roundtable has identified short- and long-term policy strategies for strengthening the safety net infrastructure of South Los Angeles.  Its focus currently is on developing an initiative to move towards integration of healthcare services in South LA.

Who We Are
The South Los Angeles Healthcare Leadership Roundtable is composed of area stakeholders, hospital and clinic CEOs, university medical researchers, health foundations, advocacy organizations and members of the area’s business community. The coalition works in concert with every level of government and the private sector to amend policy and design a system to increase the capacity of the healthcare infrastructure in South Los Angeles.

To have an authentically designed, coordinated system of healthcare that serves and is utilized by all South Los Angeles residents.

The mission of the South Los Angeles Leadership Roundtable is to eliminate the structural barriers to delivering quality healthcare in South LA through policy development, advocacy and collaboration. 


  • Increase resources for the healthcare system including improved provider reimbursement rates.
  • Create a system of care in South LA that is coordinated, unified, and aligned with the goals and objectives of the community stakeholders.
  • Provide medical homes for all residents and prevent economic leakage through improved access to primary, preventative care and specialty care in South LA. 
  • Implement a national model for rebuilding healthcare systems in urban areas.
For more information on the Roundtable, contact Ine Collins, Policy Analyst, at 323.295.9372 x252 or via e-mail.