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Neighborhood Food Watch

Save Spaces for Healthy Places Petition

In 2008, Councilmembers passed an ordinance restricting new fast food restaurants within 0.5 miles of an existing fast food restaurant. Now, LA City Council may exempt South LA's Council District 10 from this policy, allowing fast food establishments to be the predominant eating choice in the area for another 20 years. Protect our community from an over-concentration of stand-alone fast food restaurants by signing the petition today.

The Neighborhood Food Watch (NFW) is CHC’s community campaign to provide South Los Angeles residents with the information and tools needed to take action to improve the quality of food in their local stores. NFW promotes access to nutritious foods and the opportunity to select the healthy food needed for longer and healthier lives. The campaign offers a newsletter to keep you current on important issues, training and community events to improve business practices and local food policy.

How can we have fresher foods and cleaner stores in our neighborhood? Take Action!! Here are some simple steps to report expired dates on products on store shelves:

  1. Record your experiences: the type of product, today's date, and the expiration date.
  2. Take the item to the store manager.
  3. The second time, notify the supermarket's headquarters.
  4. The third time, notify your local health department. The contact number for reporting to the FDA is (949) 608-2900.
  5. Let us know by clicking here. Feel free to Include any details you want; for example, store name and location, type of complaint.
  6. Join the NFW and record your experiences on the Neighborhood Food Watch Blog or send us your pictures.
The Neighborhood Food Watch Campaign provides active members with an online resource center to connect and share information. Members can interact with community leaders and organizations making a change in South LA; read and post stories on both good and inadequate shopping experiences; receive information on diet and eating healthy; and learn about the laws and standards for grocery stores.

Fast Food in South LA
Fast food restaurants make up more than two-thirds of the restaurants in South LA. With obesity affecting 35% of adults and 29% of kids, restrictions on developing new fast food restaurants are necessary to create a balance between healthy and unhealthy restaurants in our community. Read our Fact Sheet to learn why you should be concerned about fast-food restaurants in South LA.


CHC's policy brief Does Race Define What's in the Shopping Cart? was the catalyst for the Neighborhood Food Watch. Through this ground-breaking, multi-year study, Community Health Councils with its partner USC found that race, geography, and the availability of healthy foods play a substantial role in determining what African Americans in Los Angeles eat. To read CHC's report describing the food desert in South LA that appeared in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, see Improving the Nutritional Resource Environment for Healthy Living.

Do you know what the expiration dates on food really mean?
See CHC's Expired Foods Brochure for an overview of regulations for food freshness at the grocery store. What do you do if you find expired food? Take action! Follow these steps: 1) Record your experience: the type of product, today's date, and the expiration date. 2) Take the item to the store manager. 3) The second time, notify the supermarket's headquarters. 4) The third time, notify your local health department. The health department gathers complaints to distribute to the appropriate government agency for follow-up. See our brochure for supermarket and health department contact information.

South Los Angeles Farmers Markets

Saturday & Sunday  Monday thru Friday

Saturdays 10am-3pm
Crenshaw Farmers Market

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, located in the parking lot in front of Wells Fargo Bank and the Sizzler

Tuesdays 9am-3pm
Shrine Farmers Market

Royal Street & Jefferson

Saturdays 10am-4pm
Harambee Farmers Market

5730 Crenshaw Blvd.

Wednesday 2-5pm
St. Agnes Catholic Church
1432 W. Adams Blvd
(Adams Blvd./Vermont Ave.)

Saturdays 11am-4pm
Exposition Park Farmers Market

700 Exposition Park Drive
(in Expo Park on the South Lawn in front of Natural History Museum)

Thursdays 11am-4pm
Trojan Fresh Market

Alumni Park, USC

Sat & Sun 9am-4pm
FAME Fresh Produce Market

FAME Renaissance parking lot (corner of Western and Adams)
Thursdays 3-5pm
Expo-Center/CSU Produce Stand
3980 Menlo Ave
(at Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
Sundays 9am-1pm
Wellington Square Certified FM

Washington Boulevard at Wellington

South Los Angeles Grocery Store Watch

 New Stores
 Closed Stores
Sprouts Farmers Market
5660 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230
6921 La Tijera Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Interested in Joining a Community Garden?
The Seeds of Carver is a learning and growing space where South Los Angeles neighbors can learn simple techniques about home gardening and increase access to fresh vegetables. Learn hands-on gardening techniques, healthy cooking demonstrations, contained gardening and much more.

For more information on NFW, contact Breanna Morrison, CHC Policy Analyst, at 323.295.9372 x216 or via e-mail Breanna Morrison.

Neighborhood Food Watch Blog

Read the NFW blog below and send us your comments or questions about the Neighborhood Food Watch.

A Healthy and Just Food System for South Los Angeles is Underway! By Tanishia Wright
With a growing population of over 1.3 million residents, South Los Angeles is finally getting the recognition it deserves as an area that is in need of more healthy food options and innovative food policies to support healthy food retail and restaurant establishments. South Los Angeles has one of the poorest food resource environments in LA County. Access to affordable, healthy foods and beverages is a basic necessity and an essential component of a healthy neighborhood.
A Closer Look at Expired Foods in the South Los Angeles Community By Tanishia Wright
A recent study done by the University of Southern California looked at Expired Foods in low-income areas of South Los Angeles found over a third of the groceries carried expired poultry, beef or dairy products over a one-year period. The issue of finding expired perishable products is common occurrence experienced by many residents in South Los Angeles and many other communities in similar situations with limited access to quality food and stores. It is important to note that these communities that have these challenge of access to quality food often face higher rates of chronic diseases and obesity.
The California Fresh Works Fund Launch! By Tanishia Wright
First Lady Michelle Obama Announces California’s $200 Million Public-Private Loan Fund to Promote Healthy Food Access Los Angeles, CA—Community Health Councils (CHC) is a founding partner in the California FreshWorks Fund announced by First Lady Michelle Obama in a White House event Wednesday. The partnership with The California Endowment, California Grocers Association, CRA/LA, Kaiser Permanente and many others is part of CHC’s continuing commitment that began more than a decade ago to bring greater access and healthier foods to low-income, underserved communities.
Breathe for Life!
by Tanishia Wright
June 28th, 2010
Many studies have been conducted that prove the benefits of deep breathing on overall health and well being. Deep breathing brings extra oxygen into the body, which oxygenates the internal organs and stimulates the flow of circulation. Many individuals that suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure will find the benefits of deep breathing well worth it.
Interesting Project!
June 16th, 2010
I'm looking forward to learning more about the NFW!
Nutrition Tip
by Tanishia Wright
May 10th, 2010
Did you know tomato products provide unique health benefits?