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Community Transformation Toolkit

Community Health Councils began a two-year community-led effort in 2013 dedicated to reducing chronic diseases in Los Angeles.


Our initiative, focusing on the historical communities of Pacoima, Boyle Heights, Central Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles, and Wilmington, brought together fourteen community organizations partnering to transform neighborhoods and improve health outcomes among low-income, vulnerable families and residents. We formed United for Health to implement evidence-based programmatic, environmental, and infrastructure changes. From promoting access to healthy food and active living opportunities, improving the access and quality of local preventive and clinical health care services, to reducing neighborhood-level environmental toxins, and promoting healthy, affordable homes, we worked towards the same goal—every community deserves to be healthy and thrive.

The work of the United for Health collaborative was led by the Leadership Council, comprised of representatives from each of the fourteen collaborative community partners as well as key local public agencies and foundations. The substantive work was guided by subcommittees in each area: Healthy Living, Active Living, Clinical and Preventive Services, Healthy and Safe Physical Environments and Assessment and Evaluation. This Community Toolkit was created to enable other communities that are facing similar issues to draw on the lessons from any obstacles we encountered and share the resources we’ve found so helpful in informing the process.  The first four chapters came out of the on-the-ground work from our four subcommittees; the fifth chapter is a curriculum designed to help residents engage in community planning.

At CHC, we’re incredibly grateful for our United for Health partners—Advancement Project; City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks; Communities for a Better Environment; Esperanza Community Housing Corporation; Families in Good Health; Jubilee Consortium; LA Community Action Network; Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust; Pacoima Beautiful; Special Service for Groups; TRUST South LA; Union de Vecinos; and Women Organizing Resources, Knowledge and Services (WORKS USA): City of Los Angeles (Departments of Recreation and Parks, Planning, and Transportation); the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health; the California Endowment—and we hope to continue the fight to make Los Angeles a healthy, safe, vibrant place to live, grow, and thrive.


Community Engagement Strategies to Promote Food Access and Innovation in Nutrition Underserved Communities
Download Chapter One


Community Engagement Strategies to Promote Active Living in Underserved Communities
Download Chapter Two


Community Engagement Strategies to Protect Community Health and Welfare from Environmental Health Hazards
Download Chapter Three


Community Engagement Strategies to Protect and Improve Healthy, Affordable Housing
Download Chapter Four


The Changemaker’s Guide: A Community Planning Curriculum with materials available in English & Spanish
Download Chapter Five

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