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Annenberg Radio News. April 9, 2009.
Is Los Angeles a Food Desert or a Food Oasis?
KNBC. April 8, 2009.
Food Desert to Food Oasis conference.
Our Weekly. March 26, 2009.
Celebrating Women's History Month, featuring Lark Galloway-Gilliam.
Los Angeles Times. March 15, 2009.
King hospital plan may get yet another chance.
Open Left. March 15, 2009.
Healthcare & the socio-political, cultural-physical environment.
Los Angeles Times. March 13, 2009.
Plan to reopen King hospital near Watts by 2012 faces big hurdles. LA County is promising to find funds, complete construction, form a nonprofit with the University of California, hire staff and pass reviews—all in three years.
KPCC News. March 12, 2009.
Healthcare advocate supports proposal to re-expand King Hospital.
Daily Breeze. February 19, 2009.
South Bay schools, agencies start counting costs of state budget.
Our Weekly. December 18, 2008.
South LA shortchanged for health.
Daily Breeze. December 12, 2008.
Study: An address doesn't guarantee wellness, but some place add to risks.
KPCC Radio. December 12, 2008.
Study explores healthcare gap in South LA.
La Opinion. December 12, 2008.
Sur de LA padece desigualdad de servicios Estudio de organizaciones muestra que en salud, educación y seguridad esa zona de la ciudad está menos atendida, en comparación con el oeste.
KABC TV. December 11, 2008.
South LA Health Scorecard.
Wave Newspaper. December 11, 2008.
Plan could lead to re-opening of hospital. Advisory Board says action plan on Inglewood's Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital should arrive by year's end.
Daily Journal. September 16, 2008.
South L.A. Clinics may lose tobacco settlement funds.
Swedish Public Radio. August 25, 2008.
The Los Angeles City Council has adopted a moratorium for new fast food restaurants in South Los Angeles. Community Health Councils hopes instead to attract new sit-down restaurants and grocery stores to this inner-city neighborhood.
National Public Radio. August 22, 2008.
Oil expansion plans in L.A. rile residents.
KTLA TV. August 14, 2008.
Baldwin Hills oil field hearings.
KPCC Radio. August 13, 2008.
Public hearings held on urban oil drilling.
MacLean's Canada. August 13, 2008.
LA's fast-food drive-by. A city council's ban on fast-food chains is a provocative social experiment.

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