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Health Matters November 2009
Historic Health Reform Bills Moving Through Congress. MLK Set to Re-open in Late 2012! Supervisors Sour on Sunset of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Sponsorship. City of Los Angeles Food Policy Task Force. Building Healthy Communities Planning Workgroups.
Health Matters October 2009
Legislation Re-Opens Healthy Families. South LA’s Nutritional Resource Environment. Efforts Continue in Baldwin Hills. Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital.
Health Matters September 2009
Legislation Rescues Healthy Families. MLK Hospital Re-opening. Support for Health in Baldwin Hills.
Health Matters July 2009
500,000 California Children Could Lose Access to Healthcare Coverage. National Health Reform. Building Healthy Communities in South Los Angeles. County Moves to Increase Healthy Food Options.
Health Matters June 2009
Revenue Solutions for California’s Budget Crisis. Families Unfairly Shoulder the Burden of Balancing California’s Budget.
Health Matters May 2009
Voters Reject Budget Measures. Legislative Updates. Healthy Ideas Blog.
Health Matters April 2009
Food Desert to Food Oasis Symposium. State Ballot Measures. Achieving Equitable Health Environment. Mid-Year Status Reporting Temporarily Suspended. LA County Releases 2008-09 Budget.
Health Matters March 2009
Economic Stimulus Package Provides State & Local Fiscal Relief. DOF & Treasurer Weigh Sufficiency of Stimulus Funds to Restore State Budget Cuts. Tentative Agreement to Reopen MLK.
Health Matters February 2009
Legislature Finally Approves New Budget. CHIP Reauthorization Signed. President Obama Rescinds August 17th Directive. LA County PPP Allocation Update. Environmental Justice Opportunities in Los Angeles. Upcoming Events.
Health Matters January 2009
Governor Proposes Steep Cuts to Close Growing Deficit. SCHIP Reauthorization Due. LA County PPP Allocation Update. CHC Releases South LA Health Equity Scorecard. Conference: Food Desert to Food Oasis.