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Health Matters November 2011
No Deal from the Joint Committee: What's Next? California Budget. Medi-Cal Cuts Approved. California Exchange Board. LA City Councils Examines Grocery Stores in Food Deserts. Community of Heroes Celebration. How Will Health Reform Affect Your Family?
Health Matters October 2011
Developments in DC: Any Progress? California Legislation. Community of Heroes Celebration.
Health Matters September 2011
Reducing the Budget Deficit & Keeping Families Out of Poverty
Health Matters August 2011
Budget Control Act of 2011.
Health Matters July 2011
Federal Debt Ceiling Tug of War. California Health Benefit Exchange. CRA Moves to Overturn Bills. Transition to Medi-Cal Managed Care. First Lady Launches FreshWorks Fund. South LA Neighborhood Market Update. Los Angeles Grocery Workers Ordinance. LA Bicycle Plan Implementation.
Health Matters June 2011
Federal Budget & Threats to Medicaid. California State Budget. California Health Benefits Exchange. California Healthy Food Legislation. LA Takes Step to Create Bike-friendly Development. Design Debate Delays Crenshaw Fresh & Easy. LA's Shopping Cart Ordinance.
Health Matters May Revise 2011
Governor Brown's May Revise to the State Budget.
Health Matters May 2011
FY2012 Federal Budget. California's Health Benefit Exchange. Bill Proposes Changes to OPA. California Healthy Food Legislation. MLK Hospital Updates. LADHS Low Income Health Programs.
Health Matters March 2011
State Budget Talks Collapse. Federal Budget Battle. REACH US Funding on Chopping Block for 2012. Affordable Care Act Strides Forward. Health Reform Webinar Series. Re-Imagining Empty Space. Upcoming Events: the Future of MLK Medical Center; 2011 REACH US Conference.
Health Matters February 2011
Federal Budget Deficit. State Assembly & Senate Committees Approve Slightly Modified Brown Budget. LA Puts Oil Extraction Tax on the Ballot. Lack of Health Policy Makes Fight for Medical Site an Uphill Battle. South LA Transit Oriented Development Workshops. Re-Imagining Empty Space Tour & Summit.
Health Matters January 2011
Affordable Care Act: Still the Law. State Budget Calls for Deep Cuts & Few Revenue Solutions. Baldwin Hills Oil Field: Renewed Commitments.