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Health Matters 2012

Health Matters December 2012
HHS Issues FAQ on Exchanges & Medicaid Expansion. Essential Health Benefits & Qualified Health Plans. Medicaid Pay Bump Delayed in California. Hearing Set for Community Plan. Grow Jobs, Not Weeds.
Health Matters November 2012
Healthcare & the Elections. Obama & Congress Talk Fiscal Cliff. Medicaid Primary Care Rate Increase. Special Session Moved to January. Covered California Health Benefits Exchange. Bitter Outcome of California's Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Efforts. Pioneering Local Food Procurement Efforts in Los Angeles. Community Plans in South LA. Inglewood Fracking Study Released.
Health Matters October 2012
White House Releases Plan for Mandatory Sequester Cuts. Healthy Families Transition to Medi-Cal. ACA Implementation. National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Oil Concerns Remain Unaddressed. South LA Trees & the Shuttle Endeavour. Vacant Lots Not Empty of Opportunity.
Health Matters July 2012
What the Supreme Court Decision Means for Medicaid Expansion. House Farm Bill: Massive Cuts to SNAP. New Rules for Non-Profit Hospitals. Gov. Brown Signs Final Budget. Health Benefits Exchange ACA Implementation. Low-Income Health Program Transition. Let's Make South LA a Healthier Community! From Corner Store to Community Grocer: Neighborhood Markets Training. NYC Proposes Limits on Sugary Drinks. Chinatown ICO Rejected by LA City Planning Commission. Coming Soon: Safety Net Users' Perceptions of the ACA.
Health Matters June 2012
Lawmakers Pass Budget Riddled with Cuts to Safety Net Programs. Future of Healthy Families Program. Health Benefit Exchange. Healthy Way LA Auto-enrollment of GR Beneficiaries & Transition of Ryan White Patients. Some Insurers Embracing Some ACA Provisions. Sugary Drinks Summit. Let's Get Healthy California. Place Matters for Communities Surrounding Baldwin Hills Oil Field. Ujima Village.
Health Matters May 2012
May Revise Budget Deepens Cuts & Program Changes. CHC Joins the 21st Century!
Health Matters April 2012
State Budget Update: Brown's New Compromise Tax Initiative. Exchange Board Meeting Focuses on Marketing, Outreach & Enrollment. California's Commitment to Health Reform. Counties to Pilot Dual Eligibles' Transition to Managed Care. Healthy Food in California's General Plans. April Hunger Action Day Advocacy Trainings. Upcoming Events.
Health Matters March 2012
Details on Moving Children from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal. Superior Court Decision Prolongs Medi-Cal Battle. Full Speed Ahead: Implementation of CA Health Benefits Exchange. LAO Urges Caution. Cuts to Prevention & Wellness Funds. CA Healthy Food Legislation. Fracking in the Baldwin Hills Oil Field. Funding Shortfalls Jeopardize TODs.
Health Matters February 2012
New from CHC: Fast Food Restaurant Report: Promoting Healthy Dining in South LA. Cuts, Revenue & Triggers: Governor Brown's Budget. CRAs Killed by Supreme Court. California Single Payer Bills Stalls. AB669: Sweetened Beverage Tax Deemed Inactive. Community Workshops: Creating a Healthier Place for Families. Land Use Planning & Advocacy Workshop.