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Community Transformation Toolkit
Community Health Councils began a two-year community-led effort in 2013 dedicated to reducing chronic diseases in Los Angeles. Our initiative, focusing on the historical communities of Pacoima, Boyle Heights, Central Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles, and Wilmington, brought together fourteen community organizations partnering to transform neighborhoods and improve health outcomes among low-income, vulnerable families and residents. We formed United for Health to implement evidence-based programmatic, environmental, and infrastructure changes. From promoting access to healthy food and active living opportunities, improving the access and quality of local preventive and clinical health care services, to reducing neighborhood-level environmental toxins, and promoting healthy, affordable homes, we worked towards the same goal—every community deserves to be healthy and thrive.
OERU Toolkit: Strategies for Healthcare Coverage
The Toolkit is a companion piece to the Policy Framework for Outreach, Enrollment, Retention, & Utilization. The Framework provided the outline for California and its counties to structure and define OERU policies. The Toolkit is an additional resource that presents specific strategies to strengthen and build OERU.
Our Community Plan: An Online Toolkit
Community Plans must be current in order to: encourage wise growth; identify appropriate locations for new development; assess public infrastructure, service and facility needs; minimize lengthy discretionary approvals; and provide certainty and predictability for developers, homeowners and anyone else concerned with the future development of Los Angeles.