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Stand Up.
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Thanks to all who attended this year’s

Explorations Summit:
Women Wealth & Equity

and for making this online
convening a successful event!

Check back in the next few days as session videos, tools, and opportunities for continued engagement around economic resilience are shared.
Congratulations to Dr. Barbara Ferrer
for being the 2020 recipient of
the Lark Social Justice Award.


Activating Community Storytelling to Envision Wellbeing

Activating Community Storytelling to Envision Wellbeing

Since 2017, Community Health Councils (CHC) has been implementing Healthy Kids Zone (HKZ), an initiative that brings together community members within a ½ mile radius of Fremont High School in South LA to work on health promoting policy and systems level solutions to...

Veronica Flores - Coalition on Economic Resiliency Forum
Veronica Flores
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Community Partner,

We are in a particular time in our history when the horrific effects of the constant barrage of hateful attacks on our communities leaves us no choice but to be bold and unified. We are called to action today like never before. On behalf of the over 270,000 residents in South LA we ask you to join us in our call to action and sign on to our policy platform, #Slate4Justice. Please join us so that collectively we share our voices as leaders and advocates and as a united voter coalition marching towards the Nov. 3rd general election.


Better Communities
for All People