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CHC’s model for social change is a community-based participatory research approach that seeks to ensure our work is grounded in community experience and context through community-centered and driven research design, data analysis and policy development. As a lead of our own research and evaluation projects, and as partners in other coalitions’ research and evaluation efforts, our aim is to better understand the systems we seek to transform, develop data-driven collective impact strategies, and constantly learn from all that we are doing to improve and increase our impact.

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Thinking Outside The (Farm) Box

Thinking Outside The (Farm) Box

Since 2018 Community Health Councils (CHC) has been serving as the organizational backbone for the Region 2 Best Start...

We All Need Parks!

We All Need Parks!

We would like to support the County Department of Parks and Recreation and share this survey with our constituent groups and community members so that they can share what particular activities they like to do or wish they could do at regional parks. I know that parks and open space is an area of interest for some of the geographic regions that we work with and I think it would be beneficial to the community and the county for members of the community to respond. The deadline to complete survey’s is September 30th so we have a couple of weeks to publicize this on our website, send to our email distribution list and post on social media.

CHC Model For Social Change